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“Wow” .... “So Interesting” .... “How cool” are just a few that are expressed when Nneka shows her bending wire skills. What started out as a SFA College project turned into something a little more. 

“I was the only one in my jewelry class that made an actual standing figure. My roommate shared the class with me as well and I think hers was a tea cup. Some made bracelets... when I saw the task at hand (making an object out of ceiling hanging wire) my initial thought was a carnival costume frame but then about a mokojumbie. For me once I see something in my head it’s automatically achievable. Back then there wasn’t any taking pictures to show your mom & family (not for me yet) but after that semester I learned that it was in my blood. My grandfather would bend wire for Trinidad Carnival Costumes. I had no idea, now everytime I do one or think of the next I think of him and thank God and my Gramps for giving me that gift” 

In the year 2020, she has sites on more exploration with her sculptures with a possible show dedicated strictly to all of her dimensional art pieces.

NYO Designs 2018 | Artist | Premier Graphic Designer

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